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Short Story - The Pressure of My Teenage Years

Mum said it would be good to start over and to get away from the old memories. Mum and I have been on our own for...


"Come on, Hurry up, get in line- they told us, as we waited silently, like we had practiced doing many times. I can...

Lady Macbeth Suicide Note

These last few months have been sorry ones. The actions in which we have taken on have played over and over in my head...

Inside a Book

My favorite place I love to be at is inside of a book. I know you are wondering how your favorite place can be a book...

Mercy Killings

When a person has been in an accident and is put into a coma, how long are you expected to wait? Do you need to keep...

The accident

There was a cool refreshing breeze flowing through the coast of Guyana. The coconut trees were swaying in the wind in...


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. Life is a very long journey that you will...


In all Fantasy and Science Fiction there has always seemed to be the conflicts and battles between good and evil and...

Role Playing and Idenity

When I was young, I role played many characters. Like Wolff when he was young I too, role played as a soldier, both...

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Benefits Of Online Education

Benefits Of Online Education

Honestly, on the web schooling has turn into far more and a lot more frequent at schools and universities in the prior...

Reference List

Creating A Good Reference List

One particular of the biggest mysteries relevant with applying for a perform is how to build a excellent reference...

Book Marketing

Book Marketing For Writers

Guidebook advertising and marketing and promoting efforts can be extraordinary nerve-racking for writers. Proper...

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